Force Horticultural Application, OSRAM Acquisition Start-up Firm Agrilution Stake

- May 17, 2017-

The start-up company has developed an intelligent plant plant, which can be used as a family-type salad, vegetable and herbal plantations. Even without any knowledge of horticultural knowledge can also use a special optimization of LED technology and other innovative technology to achieve a substantial increase in production. "With its innovative business model, agrilution is the perfect choice for OSRAM, and OSRAM's expertise in lighting and gardening can help improve and improve agronomic benefits," said Ulrich Eisele, head of OSX Fluxunit.

For gardening applications, OSRAM offers a specially developed lighting solution that stimulates and manages plant growth and is designed for growing greenhouse or indoor spaces. Agrilution developed intelligent indoor plant plantCube also used OSRAM this special LED technology. The intelligent plant can identify well-grown seeds and provide the best growth environment by automatically adjusting the temperature, watering and lighting conditions. This makes it possible to grow herbs, salads and vegetables regardless of weather and climate.

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