Extensional Wearable IC Published

- Jun 15, 2016-

Madison engineers University of Wisconsin has developed the world's fastest stretch-type wearable integrated circuits, is expected to promote the development of the Internet of Things even higher level of high-speed wireless network. This can be a powerful extension of integrated circuits mainly due to their unique structure. Inspired by twisted-pair telephone cable, which consists of two ultra-thin transmission line in a repetitive S-shaped curve staggered, whose tortuous maze shaped like 3D, allowing the transmission line has the ability to stretch without affecting its performance, but also free from external interference, while flowing through the electromagnetic limit in which almost completely eliminates the current loss.

Currently, the research team developed a stretchable integrated circuits capable of operating at radio frequencies above 40GHz. Other widths up to 64 mm can be extended transmission line is different is that the integrated circuit thickness of only 0.25 mm, "petite slim," the body so that it epidermal electronic system or other applications outstanding. Over the past decade, the research team has been developing such a transistor active devices, combined with the latest research equipment in the field of high frequency and flexible electronics related technologies.

The school responsible for the study of electrical and computer engineering professor Ma Zhenjiang (phonetic) said: "We found a high frequency transistor can be integrated into wireless Internet circuit method, the platform is expected to be applied in many fields."

In recent years, light and convenient, versatile wearable electronics "You Changba me play," continue to flood into the consumer market, monitoring of vital signs from other electronic devices to charge even purify the air, almost all wireless networking. The researchers said that for those who do want to expand the potential of wearable electronic device manufacturers and applications, the newest circuit is a good platform, expected to be used in the adhesive on the skin can be wearable electronic devices. With its fast wireless Internet access, this circuit also allows health care providers to remotely monitor the patient, or in the next-generation wireless broadband technology for 5G device.

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