Experts: LED Is Expected To Completely Replace The Traditional Light Source

- Jun 13, 2017-

Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition has always been the industry's benchmark, this attracted the billion photoelectron, the Star photoelectric, crystal Branch, Purui Optoelectronics, Citizen and other well-known brands at home and abroad all debut. The LED business, such as LED packaging, chips, modules and light engine, LED driver and driver IC, LED devices and packaging materials, LED testing and production equipment.

At the show, Philips Lighting Greater China Marketing Manager Shen Xiaohui as "smart city and intelligent Internet lighting," the keynote also pointed out that LED nearly two years to show a comprehensive replacement of the traditional light source trend last year, Philips LED sales accounted for more than 50 In the first quarter of 2017, LED-related businesses surged 19% to 61% of total sales.

Shen Xiaohui said, LED in addition to energy saving, the greater one advantage is digital, can be used as a carrier to achieve the wisdom of the city Internet, the lighting industry will usher in another big change. At present, there are 300 million sets of street lamps, only 12% of the LED, of which only 2% of the Internet, the future market space is huge.

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