Every Layer Meaning For PCB Design

- Jul 06, 2017-

    ⑴, signal layer (Signal Layers), there are 16 signal layer, TopLayer BottomLayer MidLayer1-14.

    ⑵, internal power / ground (Internal Planes), there are four power / ground layer Planel1-4.

    ⑶, mechanical layer (Mechanical Layers), there are four mechanical layer.

    ⑷, Drilling Layers (Drill Layers), mainly used for drawing drilling and drilling location, including Drill Guide and Drill drawing two layers.

    ⑸, Solder Mask (Solder Mask), TopSolderMask and BottomSolderMask two layers, hand on the tin.

    ⑹, Paste Mask (Paste Mask) TopPaste and BottomPaster two layers.

    ⑺, silk screen layer (Silkscreen), TopOverLayer and BottomOverLayer two layers, mainly used to draw the outline of the components.

    ⑻, other work level (Other):

    KeepOutLayer: prohibits the wiring layer, used to draw the printed board outside the border and positioning holes and other hollow parts.

    MultiLayer: Multilayer

    Connect: Connect layer

    DRCError: DRC error layer

    VisibleGrid: Visual grid layer

    Pad Holes: Pad Layers.

    Via Holes: Through Hole.

PCB automatic wiring before the set

    ⑴Design | Rules ...

    ⑵Auto Route | Setup ...

    Lock All Pro-Route: Locks all pre-wired connections for automatic routing.

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