EVER Light: Optimistic About The Small Gap Between The Demand For The Screen, The Second Half Of The Blue LED Prices Slow Down

- Jun 19, 2017-

Chairman Ye Yinfu after a brief interview, Ye Yinfu pointed out that the first half of this year and the same period last year, the second half of the season in the season under the operation will be better than the first half, estimated annual operating proportion will show 45 to 55, the main Of the growth momentum from the invisible light, lighting, backlight, consumer products and automotive products, especially UV LED market has seen growth.

As for the price of LED chips, Ye Yinfu that Blu-ray LED prices have stabilized in the second half even if the land plant out of new capacity, but because of the new market demand, especially the small spacing of the display is extremely large demand, LED lighting Also become popular, LED will become a relatively healthy industry, the peak is expected to fall in the third quarter of this year, and this year's decline will tend to ease.

The market concerned about the second half of the blue LED price trend, even if the land plant optimistic about the future of the mainland 2 to 3 years of prosperity, but China's Taiwan industry generally tend to conservative, billion light blue LED procurement of large coffee, chairman Ye Yinfu named optimistic small spacing display Screen demand outbreak, the consumption of Blu-ray LED production capacity of the corner.

(FinePitch) is the LED packaging volume continues to shrink under the trend of emerging applications, last year in a variety of small-scale display in all types of display accounted for about 32%, LED consumption from each of the small Square meters of 60,000, jumped to last year's 1 million, under the same area, the use of more than 16 times the momentum.

Ye Yinfu that a small gap between the needs of billboards, is expected in the second half even if the mainland LED factory new capacity out, but also because of the emergence of new demand and offset, the price is unlikely to fall again.

In addition, the first batch of land-based LED factory has more than 8 percent shock appearance, industry order is slightly stable, but also conducive to supporting LED prices.

Since the beginning of last year, Blu-ray LED kill the specifications have begun to rise, the first half of this year because of the exchange rate, rising material costs and other factors, the wafer plant continues to reflect upward price, the second quarter Blu-ray market conditions are not bad, Showing the full load of the grand occasion, but compared to the land plant shouted the next 2 to 3 years of prosperity to see the Mong side of the way, Taiwan LED factory but focus on the transformation, the current chip factory light, China; packaging plant billion light, Bai Hong are Blu-ray applications higher than non-Blu-ray industry.

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