Europe And The United States Is Becoming The Main Export Products Of Intelligent Lighting Products

- Apr 10, 2017-

Europe and the United States is becoming the main export products of intelligent lighting products

April 6, the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center ushered in the ninth Hong Kong International 

Spring Lighting Fair (Spring Fair), bringing together more than 1,300 exhibitors, including more 

than 700 first exhibitors. Compared with the previous year, the exhibition for the first time ushe-

red in the Philippines, Thailand, Turkey exhibitors, and the initial establishment of "Shunde Dist-

rict Lighting Association", "China. Cross bar" and "Hunan Yiyang capacitor" Pavilion, also added " 

Lighting and lighting program "exhibition and display young designers and start-up enterprises of 

the original design and new concept of" start-up area. "

In view of the different procurement needs of buyers, the exhibition features a number of thematic 

exhibitions, including "LED and environmental lighting" exhibition area continues to be the largest

 exhibition of spring lighting, more than 450 suppliers. In addition, the newly established intell-

igent lighting and lighting program exhibition has also become another highlight of the show, showi-

ng a variety of new lighting systems, remote control and intelligent lighting, attracting a lot of 

people stop.

Multi-function LED lights attention

With the growing consumer awareness of environmental protection, energy efficiency of the lamps are 

favored, incandescent bulbs are increasingly eliminated, saving and durable LED lights and lighting 

devices into mainstream products. According to a survey conducted by the Hong Kong Trade Development 

Council at the end of 2016, the largest growth potential products in 2017 were LED and environmental 

lighting (40% of respondents).

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