Epistar In The First Quarter Of 2011 Revenue 1.134 Billion, To Be Added To Purchase Machinery And Equipment

- May 10, 2017-

Epistar , general manager of Zhou Jingjun said that in the TV backlight and lighting demand growth, the blue LED supply and demand gap of more than three percent, the company selected a single production and price hike part of the product price response; but he also mentioned that the mainland LED manufacturers include three Anguang, Ouyang Shunchang, Hua Can photoelectric, etc., the second half of the new capacity will be out, it is estimated that the new production capacity will begin to release in August, therefore, still have to observe the second half of the blue LED price changes.

In addition, the crystal power board yesterday, by not more than 165 million shares to the limit, to be issued by the issuance of ordinary shares of cash to participate in the issuance of overseas depositary receipts. Epistar said that the capital increase will be mainly used for the purchase of machinery and equipment, repayment of bank loans, enrich the working capital, improve the financial structure or support other other response. Crystal spokesman Zhang Shixian said, does not rule out the use of strategic partners to find, or have the funds needed to retain expansion flexibility.

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