Electronica China2016 Preview: PCB Reliability Into A Major Concern

- Mar 17, 2016-

NCAB (Munich Shanghai Electronics Show Booth No: 3546) will showcase a variety of products and high-speed applications, and rigid-flex board, high density interconnect and the metal substrate, which represents a high level of technology and the industry overall capacity. NCAB at the plate selection, circuit layout and processing technology, according to different product types have corresponding solutions and operational guidelines, such as for high-speed / high-frequency or power products, their plate database as well as guidelines for all processing operations process is a very mature, to give to the customer delivery, cost and reliability maximum protection. In many cases, the customer's design may be perfect, but to the manufacturing stage, will encounter various problems, such as laminated structure / impedance mismatch, signal incomplete or no sheet stock, minimum order quantity restrictions etc. these products will give final shape to the market and successfully create obstacles. Therefore, a complete set of solutions for the customer is very important, which is the NCAB advantage - from design to volume production.

PCB electronics industry as one of the most important core components, its reliability has been the industrial / medical / aerospace / communications, and other high-end industrial concerns. Based from the design stage to consider the PCB reliability, and ability to control key nodes and parameters in the manufacturing process, in 2016 NCAB will closely follow up the high-potential customers in the Midwest and North China, to help customers improve product reliability and lifecycle to maximize value. Electronic manufacturing service providers, research centers and brand manufacturers are NCAB key focus will be to improve the reliability of the direction of the joint efforts of all parties, as well as its advantages.

2016 Munich Shanghai Electronics Show will attract more than 1,100 domestic and foreign manufacturers to participate, the scale of this exhibition will once again break the record, showing an area of 62,000 square meters, it is expected to have more than 56,000 buyers and industry elite will ride the event.

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