Do Not Know These Three, Do Not Arbitrarily Purchase Street Lights

- Jun 01, 2017-

Procurement links

Procurement is the first light failure test report, which is a very important part. Tendering companies will provide different units of the light failure test report, and some provide their own self-test, there are some third-party testing, which inside the test report although the test results are good, the actual real light loss of large, We are known, then how can we see the real thing?

The test report is first designated by the Semiconductor Alliance. Such as the Beijing Electric Light Source Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, the Shanghai Electric Light Source Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, the semiconductor 13, etc., from these units of the test report of the light failure has credibility, road lighting using high power, resulting in heat, Through the light failure detection shows two problems: light failure qualified, power clearance. If a street in the laboratory are too close, but also on the road to ensure quality?

Street light structure

After the street light failure test this off, the structure is a big problem. This problem is rarely concerned in the industry, which is actually used in street lamps caused by the decline of light one of the main reasons.

We all know that the national haze area so much, it is not only on the human body damage, but also caused the road lights decline, especially in the northern region, dust and dust, large outdoor use for a short period of time, the entire street surface Covered with dust, the heat effect greatly reduced. This is also one of the main culprits that LED lights are not known to everyone.

According to this situation, the lamp design must be transparent up and down. Doubled the area of heat dissipation, because there is no street management department will clean the radiator on time, in the long-term use can only rely on the rain rinse, the area will also stay enough to stay due to pollution caused by effective cooling area reduction.

Light source part

Street light failure has a barrel effect, there is a short board is not OK, light failure troubled you so many years, which is the problem you can do a good lamp radiator can solve the light failure, not, we began to discuss The use of low-power chip shell-type package can be high-power chip is not, said the chip power does not heat out, not the case, COB package heat is more concentrated, through the aluminum bracket or copper bracket can solve the heat problem.

But the light failure is more difficult to control, because the radiator is not necessarily solve the problem of light source light failure, light source package there is a big misunderstanding, COB light source silicone is too thick, the silicone package should be thinner the better, Luminous surface heat, which is COB light source light failure control reasons.

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