Development Status Of HDI Applications

- Aug 27, 2015-

First, products and raw materials should be object of HDI applications, such as the 2008 global mobile phones, laptop computers and digital cameras consumer HDI HDI respectively the total number of 62%, 17% and 13%; the second is China's leading position in the manufacture of these products, such as mobile phones, digital cameras, laptop computers, respectively, and 50% and 90% of the world.

A, mobile phone market

The main drivers of growth in demand for mobile phones is the next HDI. The growth of the mobile phone industry will drive the HDI total product demand growth, development of the mobile phone industry will drive the HDI product upgrade. 2009 mobile phone production will decline until 2010 in order to restore growth but Gartner expects smartphones will achieve faster growth rates, its shipments will grow from 210 million units in 2008 to 2011 of 400 million. As more countries to establish the global 3G network (now from 84 countries and regions has issued 249 valid 3G licence), will become more and more widely used Smartphone, will gradually increase the proportion of mobile phone and should be used in smartphones by second-order and third-order HDI will grow rapidly.

B, laptop market

Laptop is another important field of application of the HDI. Since notebook computers require a lightweight thin in size, the same area using HDI than traditional plywood to save space of 30%-50%. Currently about 20% laptop uses the HDI, dominated by the first HDI. At present major notebook contract factories around the world have to migrate most of the capacity to the continent. In 2008, the 90% of the world's notebook computers produced in mainland China.

C, digital camera market

After mobile phones, laptop computers, digital camera is HDI a big application. In recent years, the digital camera industry booming digital camera has become an indispensable electronic products. Layout of factories in China with a digital camera, the digital camera has become the field of application of the HDI is very important.

D, the e-reader market

According to NextGen research firm's latest report from 2008 to 2013, the global market for e-readers will keep the 124% compound annual growth rate, and in 2013 will be exceeded 2.5 billion dollars at the end of the scale. 2009-2014 e-reader market in China will grow steadily, 2010 market will reach 2.4 billion yuan, an increase to reach 60%; by 2014, China electronic reading terminal market overall will provide 6.3 billion yuan.

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