Detailed Design Of Intelligent LED Solar Street Light Controller

- Jun 06, 2017-

As the solar energy constraints by the weather is relatively large, the sun light distribution density is small, the light time, the intensity of the size of a random intermittent, to ensure that the stability of the solar cell output voltage, you need to use the battery to store electricity, in the day when the sun Charge the battery, the battery at night to the load discharge. If you consider continuous rainy weather, the battery capacity requirements are even greater, the greater the capacity of solar cells, the higher the cost. Solar LED street lighting system using electricity complementary way to better solve this contradiction, the promotion of solar LED street lamp application has realistic and economic significance.

Complementary LED solar street light system components

The so-called electricity complementary LED solar street light system, that is, based on solar power generation, supplemented by ordinary 220V AC power supplement LED street lighting system, the use of this system, photovoltaic cells and battery capacity can be designed to be smaller, basically Day sunshine during the day, the same day with solar power to the battery at the same time to charge the battery when the battery discharge to the load LED light. In most parts of China, the year basically have more than 2/3 of the fine weather, so that the system has more than 2/3 of the time with solar lights, the rest of the time to add electricity with electricity, both reduced The solar photovoltaic lighting system, one-time investment, but also has a significant energy-saving emission reduction effect, is the solar LED street lighting at this stage to promote and popularize an effective way.

LED solar street light system shown in Figure 1, by the solar cell, street lamp controller, battery, electricity supply, switching power supply and LED lights and other five parts. Among them, the street light controller is the control core of the whole system, for the battery charge and discharge control, LED lights off control, power supply automatic switching control and related protection and control; solar cells used to convert solar energy into electricity , And the street lamp controller by collecting the size of the solar cell voltage to determine the day or night; battery is the whole system of energy storage equipment, solar cells during the day to the battery charge, night or rainy day LED lights from the battery to power, and street lighting control Device can collect the battery voltage, when the battery is low enough to switch to the mains power supply.

Street lamp controller hardware design

Solar street light controller hardware box, which is mainly by the power input, data acquisition and display control, ARM processor, the output part of the composition. The controller uses the ARM processor as the core, and collects the parameters such as the battery voltage, the solar cell voltage and the ambient temperature through the ARM microprocessor. The ARM decision is used to select the temperature compensation parameters which meet the characteristics of the battery to achieve high precision control. At the same time, Intelligent and efficient PWM fuzzy charging method to charge the battery to ensure that the battery work in the best condition. Controller with a button, the display circuit, you can easily set the operating mode and operating parameters, while the display circuit can also visually show the current operating status.

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