Dassault Systèmes SOLIDWORKS PCB Design New Products Will Use Altium PCB Technology

- Mar 04, 2016-

Mr. Aram Mirkazemi Altium CEO, said: "The Dassault Systèmes chose Altium's PCB software technology, is the most powerful Altium market leadership recognition at the same time, it also proves that Altium has been an industry leader as the future of PCB design software. . "

The Altium and technical cooperation aimed at Dassault Systèmes local connection between ECAD and mechanical CAD (MCAD) software environment design data, collaborate seamlessly mechanical and electronic design teams.

ECAD and MCAD collaboration between an important difficulty is always plagued engineers. With the birth of a series of intelligent connectivity products, the boundaries between electronic and mechanical design gradually blurred. To cope with SOLIDWORKS, Altium redesigned its powerful unified design platform to achieve in the native form of data architecture compatible SOLIDWORKS. This design will create a unique platform for intelligent product design and productivity gains to unprecedented levels.

Mr. Mirkazemi also pointed out that: "the smart design tool for creating intelligent connection essential design tools need to be able to cover multiple engineering disciplines, and thus the actual system-level engineering design, to produce a successful smart products .Altium will Dassault. Systèmes SOLIDWORKS jointly meet the challenges of providing more new features for the SOLIDWORKS users and the wider engineering community. "

About Altium

Altium Limited (ASX: ALU) is a focus on 3D PCB design and embedded systems development, and other electronic systems design multinational software company, with headquarters in San Diego, California, and its products are widely used in various industries around the world in the field of electronic design .

With its unique technology, Altium helps enterprises and the design team in a limited time and budget innovation, mutual cooperation, to achieve interconnection product design. Its products include Altium Designer?, Altium Vault? And TASKING? Embedded software compilers.

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