Dapeng Wings - Jiangsu Bo Min Is Building A PCB Intelligent Factory

- Jul 14, 2017-

Dapeng wings - Jiangsu Bo Min is building a 4-layer pcb intelligent factory

Jiangsu Bo Min was established in June 2011, covers an area of 232 acres, is Bo Min Electronics to further expand the high-end printed circuit board production areas, the formation of HDI and multi-layer, high-frequency circuit board industry, the key strategic layout of the key initiatives.

According to the company's deputy general manager Tan Xin introduction, Jiangsu Bo Min is in full swing to promote the pace of intelligent 4-layer pcb plant construction, is committed to creating the industry's highest degree of automation of one of the modern 4-layer pcb factory.

Using the industry's most sophisticated intelligent automation equipment

Qin new introduction, Jiangsu Bo Min at the beginning of the establishment of a clear to be established into a highly intelligent, automated 4-layer pcb factory, the introduction of equipment are the industry's top level.

Reporters in Jiangsu Bo Min's production workshop to see, more than 50 sets of automatic CNC drilling machine, 40 robots all at full capacity operation, a batch of HDI board products continue to system off the assembly line.

In order to meet the demand for orders, the company also invested tens of millions of dollars, the introduction of new German imports Lauffer press put into production, compared with the traditional hydraulic machine, it is not only more energy efficient, but also to the overall capacity can be expanded two to three times. In addition, the line exposure machine with LDI equipment, compared with traditional equipment, LDI does not need the film, can directly CAM data on the 4-layer pcb, eliminating the need for CAM production process, high precision, more cost savings.

In Jiangsu Bo Min Electronics Co., Ltd. of the electric test room, the reporter also saw the test circuit board test machine, in front of the camera, we can clearly see that it is divided into green areas and red defective area.

According to reports, such as the original machine is to rely on manual operations, one day about the test can be about 3000, and now for this automatic machine, 24 hours after the break, the day of the test can reach 6000.

Tan Xin said that as of now, Bo Min Electronics has a total of more than 40 sets of automation equipment, the entire workshop automation rate of 80%, of which 13 processes have been automated production, accounting for about 80% of the entire production process. It is reported that by virtue of the highly intelligent production of enterprises, in 2015, Jiangsu Bo Min has been successfully among the "excellent demonstration of intelligent workshop in Jiangsu Province" ranks.

In order to achieve a higher degree of automated production, Jiangsu Bo Min is also trying to try the production workshop within the logistics line planning, mechanical transport to replace the artificial transport of goods, to avoid the man-made man-made waste caused by the transport and transport quality hazards.

Implementation of TPM management to build "40" factory

In order to better prepare for the later high automation factory, the company is currently implementing full TPM management, the purpose is to keep the equipment is a good state of the factory, build 40 (zero fault, zero accident, zero Speed loss, zero scrap) factory.

Reporters on the scene to see, in order to be able to accurately improve the product yield, Bo Min people will do a detailed analysis of the product's non-performing rate, will result in poor product of the top three reasons summed up, and then technical engineers focus on these big Do a thorough study of the problem and propose a solution.

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