Crystal Power Filed Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against US Company Lowe's

- May 09, 2017-

Crystal Power filed patent infringement lawsuit against US company Lowe's

Centers Inc., Inc. and Lowe's Home Centers, LLC (hereinafter referred to as Lowe's) at the US District Court in Central California, USA, at 2017/04/28 Patent infringement litigation. Crystal said in the complaint that Lowe's trafficking of Kichler Lighting and Utilitech products infringed a number of crystal patents and applied for a court order to ban Lowe's continued sale of infringing Kichler Lighting and Utilitech products.


In the case of the complaint, Kichler Lighting's LED bulb, for example, the YGA16A08-A15C-CL-5W LED filament lamp, infringes a number of patented US patents, including but not limited to patent number 6,346,771, the name "high power Patent No. 8,791,467, entitled "Light Emitting Diode and Manufacturing Method", Patent No. 8,492,780, Title of the Invention "Light emitting device and its manufacturing method", Patent No. 7,560,738, entitled "Light emitting diode array having adhesive layer", Patent No. 8,791,467, Patent No. 8,587,020, invented the name "LED light".


In the case of the complaint, it is also noted that Utilitech's LED bulbs, for example, U.S. Patent Nos. YGA03A41-A19-9W-830, infringement of many crystal products, including but not limited to Patent No. 8,492,780, entitled & quot; Its manufacturing method ", patent number 8,587,020, the invention name" LED light ".


Jingguo annual investment in huge amounts of money in LED technology research and development, has been certified and the application of the total amount of more than 4,000 patents. These investments have laid the technical foundation for LED filament (light) and / or LED lights and have benefited all kinds of related products in the world. Crystal power for continuous research and development on investment, in order to continue to grow the global LED users with the most advanced products and solutions.


Crystal has passed the lawsuit against Lowe's to ensure that its R & D investment and patent rights are inviolable.

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