Crystal Operation Improved, Q3 Challenge Blu-ray / Quaternary LED Both Loaded

- Jun 28, 2017-

Jing Jie, general manager of the crystal at the beginning of the year to attend the photoelectric exhibition, has been estimated land plant three security photo, Hua Can photoelectric, Australian Ocean Shunchang continued to have new capacity Jia moving, crystal power to determine the production time may be in August this year , So the price of blue LED after the third season to retain the attitude; but with the land plant using domestic MOCVD equipment, seems to have a longer learning curve, production out of the smooth, new wave of blue LED production capacity to release the fear of Extended to the fourth quarter to the first half of next year.

Jinggui pointed out that the land in order to fight for government subsidies, began to use domestic MOCVD equipment, import homemade equipment impact to the international equipment factory such as VEECO, the current operation of pressure, because the land plant also need to learn the curve, crystal power, if learning Curve fast enough, production capacity may be out after the fourth quarter, in previous years, the fourth quarter of the LED industry to the first quarter of the year is relatively off-season, the first half of next year Blu-ray LED prices fear of pressure.

But the short term, crystal operation has improved, the third quarter Blu-ray LED, four yuan LED order quality and quantity were significantly improved.

Blu-ray LED part, Jingguang pointed out that this year's TV backlight demand is relatively weak, but the Korean manufacturers in high-end TV models into the CSP (wafer level package) chip, plus the third season is the traditional TV season, crystal CSP Shipments are expected to peak, the estimated monthly shipments can be compared with the same period last year nearly 20 million to 4,000 to 50 million, such products defensive, help to maintain the crystal blue LED gross margin.

As for the four-part LED part, crystal power that ultra-high brightness four yuan LED small pitch display driven by the high-level applications, the current maintenance of full load, but the high-brightness four yuan LED due to the middle of the loose demand, In addition, the crystal in the field of plant lighting has received Philips orders, the project purchase crystal 660 wavelength red chip, with Philips production of Blu-ray chip, the third quarter into the peak shipment, the order will help the four yuan LED production line to maintain full load.

Crystal power of the current blue LED, lighting and backlighting accounted for 6 percent, 3 percent, the overall blue accounted for 70 percent of the operation, four yuan LED accounted for 3 percent, to the third quarter of the situation, The third quarter of the operation is expected to challenge the growth of two digits.

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