Crystal Electricity: Blu-ray Prices In The First Half Of Next Year Fear Of Pressure, Q3 Business Is Expected To Grow

- Jun 22, 2017-

Crystal Power Chairman Li Bingjie said that the first half of this year, production capacity in short supply, but because of the price of lighting more competitive pressure, resulting in Blu-ray LED prices, the first half failed to extend last year's gains, the third quarter of this year looks ok, After four quarters, the new capacity of the land plant began to move, the fourth quarter of last year to the following year is relatively off-season, land-based plant learning curve if quickly, the first half of next year may be under pressure.

However, land-based factories in order to grab the auxiliary, began to use domestic MOCVD equipment, which also led to the land production capacity of the release is not smooth, the impact of the price will continue to observe.

It is noteworthy that this year's TV backlight demand is weaker than expected, the third quarter of crystal power will expand CSP shipments, estimated monthly shipments is expected to climb to 4000 to 50 million, compared with the same period last year 1000 ~ 20 million A substantial increase, coupled with the Philips plant lighting orders from the heavy volume, support the four yuan LED moving rate, the legal person is expected to have the opportunity to show the first three quarters of two-digit growth.

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