Combined With Networking / Sensing Technology Intelligent Lighting Applications Flourishing

- May 17, 2017-

To meet the current trend is a very good entry point, from the Internet of Things, the wisdom of the city to the wisdom of the family, which will become the next few years a non-fever "trend", LED lighting can also be related to the technology Integration, from the traditional single-function lighting products, towards the development of multi-functional intelligence, intelligent lighting is expected to become a new era of replacement of LED lamps after the new blue ocean.

And once the crown "wisdom" word, so imagine become infinite possibilities, intelligent lighting applications even far more than we generally know the "lighting." First summarize some of the relevant technology integration, the current intelligent lighting integration networking technology, mainly to join the network and sensing function based.

And just in the networking level, the development of the application can be said to renovate what we have previously known. I have to mention, the use of LED visible light communication technology Li-Fi is one of the most popular technology in recent years, its principle is simply to use light as a medium, the use of LED bulbs as a signal transmitter and receiver for wireless network transmission , Compared with the common common Wi-Fi, with many things such as more secure security, no electromagnetic interference and other advantages, even with Wi-Fi faster than the transmission speed, and therefore, Li-Fi is considered to be wireless network communications Technology to bring revolutionary changes, for example, has always been prohibited to mobile phones and other electromagnetic products to bring the aircraft industry, the future if the Li-Fi technology used in the machine lighting, then the future of the aircraft call, Internet, etc. are no longer Is absolutely impossible.

Lighting manufacturers Philips LED positioning the development of indoor lighting system, through the interior of each lamp issued by the special code to achieve multi-point cross-positioning, through the smart phone lens detection, can be achieved than Wifi or Beacon more accurate positioning information, accuracy Up to 0.5 meters, so that the application can be in the store to help customers detect the location of goods, delivery of goods information, so save time and effort.

On the other hand, combined with the intelligent lighting of the sensing technology, a "fixture" can be used as a sensor. From the photosensitive sensor, infrared sensors, temperature sensors and other types of sensors can be formed with LED lighting fixture intelligent control system. For example, the infrared sensor can detect the body temperature, so that once someone into the sensing range, LED lamps will automatically sense the opening or closing, which the office building lighting system, help to reduce unnecessary waste The

And through the photosensitive sensor, LED lighting products can be sensed the bright changes in external light, and thus change the control of the lamp circuit switch and adjust the bright, the most significant example is the wisdom of the street, when the sensor After the intensity of the sun changes, the lights will automatically start or shut down, which will be more than the timing switch to meet the needs of passers-by.

Intelligent street light application, it can be said that the wisdom of lighting to play the most vividly part of, in addition to their own automatic control of the lamp, the light pole can also be equipped with the best equipment for the equipment, and the formation of a lamp Complete intelligent street light system, like with the surveillance camera, temperature and humidity sensors to collect weather data, detection PM2.5, etc., and even combined with the sound sensor to detect the region's environmental sound, to help the police to maintain social order.

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