Circuit Board Manufacturing Large Coffee, The Mainland, Hong Kong And Taiwan CS SHOW Shenzhen Procurement Exhibition Kicked Off In August 2016

- Aug 05, 2016-

(Printed circuit board) as one of the major components of electronics, more and more active in the stage of the electronics industry.In not long ago, a famous American NanoDimension 3 d printing factory, try to study the function of 3 d printing and customized fully functional multilayer printed circuit boards perfect combination of a few hours can print out without any additional processing PCB can be used immediately.Though some progress, but for the whole PCB industry, this is a rare technological breakthroughs.

Yeild of industry, stimulate the development of PCB industry to a higher level, more driven the rapid development of PCB industry in China and Asia.For exhibitors and visitors more timely understanding of PCB in the late on the front end design and manufacturing process of new technologies, new methods and new materials, to promote transformation and upgrading of domestic PCB industry from the factory to the market, and by the reed expo joint circuit boards, TPCA Taiwan PCB industry association and the association of shenzhen, the electronic information industry branch of the China council for the promotion of international trade of 2016 shenzhen international exhibition on PCB purchasing SHOW2016 (CS), on August 30 solstice in shenzhen convention and exhibition center on September 1.As the industry only to PCB/FPC procurement as the theme of the exhibition industry, there will be thousands of PCB purchasers in shenzhen, and Taiwan's leading PCB enterprises to negotiate business!On both sides of the circuit board higher-ups all reach the designated position, close cooperation, will lead the frontier in the industry.

Famous PCB enterprises gathered in the mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan, the exhibitors scale strong growth of 50%
As an important support of electronic components, electronic components, PCB circuit board is very important role in the field of electronics industry, the industry referred to as "electronic carrier".Along with the development of science and technology, the application range of the PCB will be more and more widely.To some extent, circuit board production technology has become a measure of a country an important index of science and technology level.
Now look to Asia, PCB industry development is still in full swing.Although South Korea and Japan because of market constantly adjust development strategy and technical reasons, but the mainland and Taiwan PCB market hot still.Especially in Taiwan, thanks to the long-term accumulation of technology, the development of PCB industry is very strong, and benefit from the mainland smartphone and tablet computer market, brand, even in the context of the global manufacturing industry recession, Taiwan could still with 30.2% of the city for the no.1 global leading position, Taiwan PCB supplier all big bumper harvest.Look at mainland China PCB industry, though started late, but has experienced rapid growth peak, emerged a large number of "made in China" as the representative of well-known PCB industry.

In the CS SHOW 2016 exhibition, represented by Taiwan qi qi appearance of circuit board manufacturers, perfect to SHOW a variety of innovative, environmentally friendly, intelligent circuit board equipment and raw materials.Science and technology, including Mr Kang, xing sen JingWang electronic, super China science and technology, bo min, worship, wuzhou circuit, semiconductor, animal husbandry tai lai sheng, colorful days, ring base, east building, wing chit, yao hua and other hundreds of well-known PCB enterprises have been produced in the exhibition, for sure, and with the launch date approaches, this number continues to increase.Than CS scale as a whole, this year's SHOW will SHOW 2015 strong growth 50%, covering the industry will be more extensive.Asia's top PCB exhibitors to compete, and fully display their own advantages, promote the exchanges and cooperation between industry, to promote the domestic PCB industry transformation, promote the competitiveness of the global market will play a key role.

Hot industry buyer timely follow up and professional sourcing event
Big strong join cafe exhibitors, making thousands of can not seek trade opportunities, global buyers have also attracted tens of thousands of PCB.When PCB industry into the challenges and opportunities coexist "new normal", the shenzhen CS SHOW 2016 will be the fastest speed display PCB process supply chain integration capability, provide instant and the choice of a variety of exhibition for visitors.Organizers expect, shenzhen CS SHOW 2016 will be more than 10000 covers eight industry professional audience and well-known buyers, and leading the mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan PCB negotiate business opportunities!

Automotive electronics, medical electronics, consumer electronics, servers and network data center equipment, represents the recent critical point, the domestic electronic information industry is a key to expand the CS SHOW 2016 industry.Including automotive electronic borrow policy advantages are flourishing, auto electronics companies need and into the advancement of PCB technology, the vehicle key components are updated in time, give it a higher manufacturing level.In addition, the public awareness of the health preservation, directly led to the development of medical electronic industry, especially in the market segment, wearable health product growth significantly, such as movement monitoring, measurement and children's health products have become hot issues.Market of refined also puts forward new requirements for electronic components, such as high integration implementation of compact size, low power consumption to achieve the battery to work long hours, etc., all need PCB technology provides a good support.In the field of consumer electronics, servers, CS SHOW 2016 will provide full solution from design to production.

PCB as one of the most important core component of electronic industry, its reliability has been LED lighting, security electronics, industrial electronics, such as biometric industry concerns.Although started late, these emerging industries in the fields of both their respective play irreplaceable role, they will be the mainstream of the electronics industry in the future society, the development potential is very huge.In CS SHOW 2016, the exhibition organizers will from LED lighting, security and other industries to provide customers one-stop PCB/FPC procurement services, promote the buyers face-to-face communication with the PCB manufacturer from the factory to push China PCB industry market transition, from manufacturing to create breakthrough, thus to SHOW the terminal electronic customer PCB enterprise strong processing power and fast response speed, and high quality technical services.

CS SHOW 2016 another highlight of the exhibition, and group visiting from overseas PCB buyers, the buyers from Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, India and other countries.Their arrival, will greatly expand the domestic exhibitors in other parts of Asia market space, improve the international influence of CS SHOW exhibition.Overseas buyers, on the other hand, also can put the PCB cutting-edge technology to CS SHOW2016 representing the whole of Asia, promote products, talents, technology and market between the depth of communication, will be for the trade fair.

More exhibition linkage to compete, share customer resources at home and abroad

Exhibition in 2015, CS SHOW PCB purchasing double exhibition, exhibition ideas of this innovation for the industry.And CS SHOW on the exhibition in 2016, the organizers are creative let CS with southern China's largest electronics manufacturing exhibition NEPCON SHOW South China, and the 23rd China international medical equipment and manufacturing technology exhibition held (ICMD) and three wonderful drama as electronic industry, the industry will be cheered.
In fact, the three professional exhibitions from open, can more effectively together, PCB, SMT ICMD frontier in the field of technology and product information, promote the interaction between upstream and downstream industry supply and demand side and communication.Three exhibition means of displaying, will gain more customer resources, produce industry more closely linked, seek common development goals, this will no doubt greatly enhance the linkage effect of the exhibition as a whole.
In addition, as the electronics industry to further accelerate the pace of development of integration, PCB with SMT and ICMD the interdependence between the more and more is also high, their technology development each other affect the other party.So, no matter which side of the exhibitors, this exhibition can help to realize more partners in the industry, for more direct trade orders and cooperation opportunities.For professional audience, to participate in CS 2016 PCB exhibition SHOW, can one-stop ornamental NEPCON South China and ICMD exhibitors, for more business opportunities and information, so why not?
An event in electronics industry and drive the three joint professional exhibitions and tens of thousands of professional buyers gathered, create thousands of trade opportunities.Due to the end of August costumes created using CS 2016 shenzhen procurement fair SHOW, is dedicated to high quality PCB supplier and professional audience to create the most valuable trade platform.For industrial chain upstream and downstream of many buyers and sellers, the exhibition covers the industry better, more advanced technology and the broader market, all PCB practitioners is worth attention and participation!

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