Chongqing St.MOTI Western Restaurant Lighting Design Xiangjie

- Apr 27, 2017-

Chongqing st.MOTI Western restaurant lighting design Xiangjie

St.MOTI, a western restaurant located in the refined rivers of Chongqing. After the restaurant's industrial design style, mixed with outdoor idyllic feelings, as the old movie time, quite nostalgic. St.MOTI Western restaurant is a space designer and lighting designers together works. As part of the space design, its style, tone control of the control is naturally in place, and lighting design part is wonderful.


How to break the big space and reorganize to create a space atmosphere, which is considered as part of the space design. In the st.MOTI Western restaurant, the lighting designer with a logical light to easily solve this problem. If the use of law-abiding lighting arrangement, the space is inevitable because of a glance but dull, six meters high, is the designer to control the challenges. To light the regional division rather than physical character file, which is the lighting design in the case of the first force of the place. For the bar, staircase, dining table, aisle and other important parts, lighting designers are used to distinguish between different modality of the lighting.

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Moderate use of lighting, so that each light has its own area and restrictions, space in the dark lost the border has also been expanded. In this way, the space can be reused, the industrial style of the indoor style and the natural feel of the wild fusion. In addition to a logical reorganization of space, by means of other ways to achieve the lighting effect is the wisdom of the designer's move.

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