Chinese Brands Into The European Market In Europe And The United States In March Bulb Prices Fell Significantly

- Jun 06, 2017-

Chinese brands into the European market in Europe and the United States in March bulb prices fell significantly

LED Research Center, the latest price report pointed out that in March 2017 the global LED bulb prices continued to fall, to replace the 40-watt incandescent LED bulb retail price fell 3.6% to 6.6 US dollars; to replace the 60-watt incandescent LED bulb retail average price decline 0.9% to $ 8.1.

    Yu Bin said that in February, including Opple, Wood Linsen and other parts of Chinese manufacturers to their own brand to enter the European market, and international manufacturers are also competing to start lowering part of the product prices, some high-priced products gradually out of the market. Overall, in March Europe and the United States bulb prices showed a larger decline, while the Asian region prices are relatively stable.

    Market demand steady, China LED packaging quarterly flat prices

    China's LED packaging, due to some manufacturers in February has 2835 LED products, 0.2 watts and 0.5 watts for price increases, March market demand is still strong, but also manufacturers have capacity to release, so China's LED packaging quarterly price flat.

    Against Chinese brands, European and American manufacturers to promote low prices to promote market share

    Yu Bin pointed out that in February Opple and other Chinese manufacturers began to enter their own brand in Europe and the United States market, European and American manufacturers are to take low-cost promotional measures to consolidate market share.

    To replace the 40-watt portion, Europe and the United States regional prices, the United States fell 9.6 percent, the largest decline in the UK fell 7.2 percent, Germany fell 3.3 percent. Europe in March there is a new listing for the OSRAM launched 4 watts 470 lumens products, the same luminous flux, the power lower than the previous products. Yu Bin said that the US regional prices fell more, mainly for manufacturers to seize the market caused by low-cost promotions, including CREE, Philips, OSRAM and TCP, including well-known brands, are part of the product prices to make adjustments. Such as TCP 6 only 5 watts 450 lumens bulb, the price is only $ 9.99, down 47%; Philips 6.5 watts 450 lumens bulb, the price dropped to $ 9.99, down 33%.

    In the Asian region, prices in Japan fell 2.3%, and some products were sold at low cost, such as the Panasonic 4.5-watt 485 lumens bulb, to $ 7.47, down 10%. Other brands include Mitsubishi, Alice Omarama Product prices have also been reduced. Mainland China prices fell slightly by 1.1%, South Korea and Taiwan prices remained stable.

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