China Printed Circuit Should Force Companies In The Brand, Technology

- May 16, 2016-

We should be committed to their own industrial upgrading and enhance technology and technical level, to strengthen brand building, enhance brand value, increase value-added products.
Two or three decades, China Printed Circuit (PCB) industry has experienced from scratch, especially in the past 10 years of rapid development, so that China has become the world's largest PCB industry base, not only occupy more than 40% of global market share and the rest of the world is growing at a rate higher than growing. Sustained and healthy development of China's PCB industry is undoubtedly the world's PCB, and global electronic information industry, far-reaching impact.
Printed circuit board is a key interconnect electronic products, electronic products, where there where there is a printed circuit board. Printed circuit board as an important part of the electronic information industry, electronic information industry and the development of the world is closely related. China as an important supply base for the PCB, the core components in providing IT products for the world at the same time, its also been developed.

The latest 2012 China printed circuit industry rankings, we are pleased to see that sales of 1 billion yuan of domestic PCB enterprises have begun to take shape, many of which are private enterprises. It can be said, more than a decade of booming China PCB to domestic enterprises, especially private enterprises has brought vigor and vitality, of which a number of outstanding enterprises through the integration of resources, product transition, increased investment, etc. continue to enhance the strength and common China to promote the development and expansion of the PCB. Meanwhile, PCB has also led to the upstream and downstream companies, including materials, equipment, and environmental protection industries to accelerate development. Private enterprises have become China PCB industry force.
Positive and healthy development is inseparable from the right soil and the environment, without government support, encouragement and proper guidance. Today, the state has clear and has the "high-density printed circuit board and flexible circuit board" as a national first class to encourage the development of the industry, the "high-density printed circuit boards HDI board that is included in the" current priority to the development of high technology industry ", as part of provinces and regions to undertake the printed circuit board industry priority development areas. Meanwhile, the government also made environmental protection on the PCB manufacturing corresponding regulations and guidance issued for the manufacture of printed circuit boards clean production standards.
However, in this environment, the development of Mainland enterprises are still subject to many restrictions and limitations. China's PCB business both in terms of scale, quality, technology and management level, or R & D, etc., there still exists a considerable gap between the world's advanced PCB enterprises, inadequate to contend with. We only from the integrated PCB business chart can be seen. Materials and equipment for PCB base still weak, PCB materials and equipment manufacturers still rely on a lot of imports. China PCB industry chain is not really perfect.

At the same time, the industry should strengthen communication and coordination with the government, industry, and reflect the actual situation of enterprises, understanding and support of the government and relevant departments. Companies to expand their scale, should enhance social responsibility, in orbit relevant government policies and regulations. At the same time, should be committed to their own industrial upgrading and enhance technology and technical level, to strengthen brand building, enhance brand value, increase value-added products so that PCB products to meet the changing needs of electronic information products, so as to jointly promote the sustainable development of China PCB Industry so China PCB industry really strong, able to compete on the technical strength and strong international prices.

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