CCL Price Retaliatory Adjustment Has Been Overly Squeezed

- May 15, 2017-

CCL price "retaliatory" adjustment has been overly squeezed

What is the mysterious force, so that the industry contrarian up?

"This is a market-driven supply side of the reform." As the world's second largest professional CCL manufacturers, the first domestic CCL listed companies, Guangdong Health Technology Co., Ltd. Liu Shufeng, chairman of the analysis, said the electronics industry is nearly a dozen In the world economy is almost the only one has been growing industry, CCL industry has been investing in expansion, but some aspects of the supply chain can not benefit from this growth, a long time unreasonable price contributed to the supply side Reform, resulting in lack of supply, resulting in price "retaliatory adjustment."

According to the analysis, CCL prices are at a low level for a long time and reach the most extreme by 2015. As early as 2012, as a major electronics industry, Japan gradually cut copper products, enterprises to produce higher value-added soft board with electrolytic copper foil, high frequency materials such as copper foil. Coupled with Japan, South Korea, China and China Taiwan enterprises to switch lithium battery foil, many factors together, one of the main copper products to reduce the supply of 31%, the world's CCL industry supply shortage.

However, the CCL industry is a huge investment, is a capital-intensive industries, due to lack of production capacity and did not trigger a new investment action. Instead, the copper industry is still the first time in the history of power foil this new market, the future of the copper industry can no longer rely on the electronics industry may also seek part of the production capacity of the way out. The copper foil manufacturers as of 2018 investment plan almost all investment in power foil.

"The supply chain parties are the fate of the community, not a simple trading relationship." Liu said that the copper industry, the supply side of the reform, but also to other industries to bring a common reflection and warning. In the professional division of labor and internationalization of today, the entire supply chain links are also part of the value chain, is the relationship between each other.

In addition to the price, as well as all aspects of technological progress brought about by the value chain reconstruction, not only a link as a traditional sense of the sale of the relationship, we are destiny related. Excessive squeeze suppliers Erzhi one end of the loss, will make the supply imbalance, imbalance after the price adjustment is "retaliatory", so to maintain a reasonable price is very necessary. According to the analysis, the current situation will continue until 2018 years ago.

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