Cattle Transformation "zombie Robot" Cockroach Back Mount Circuit Board

- Jan 20, 2016-

Production processes are first put cockroaches soaked in ice water to make it unconscious, and then use sandpaper to remove the wax skull on cockroaches. Then, the buyer should electrodes pasted to the cockroach, the cockroach and then a needle through the chest to thread the wires. After put cockroaches tentacles cut off, and access to the electrode. Cockroach back then to install a circuit board, after the phone will be able to receive electronic signals emitted by the board, and then through the application to control cockroaches on the phone left and right to move around.

And science industry is criticized, this is abuse of insects, cockroaches harm in accepting installation of this device in the process. But the technical staff stressed that all installation this backpack cockroaches are treated humanely, the installation process does not hurt them, this device is designed to allow children to become interested in neurology, in the early stages of growth involved in research activities on the graduate level.

Professor of philosophy at Queen's University in Ontario, Canada Fu can think of in the US "Science" magazine warned that this device will "encourage the layman on the biological freely do invasive surgery" and will encourage people to "put all kinds of complex biological imagine only a few machine or tool. "

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