Brightness Will Be Stronger Than The Sun's Surface More Than 1 Billion Times! US Scientists To Develop The World's Most Bulb

- Jul 21, 2017-

The Independent newspaper, The Independent, reports that the team of scientists at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln intends to produce one of the world's brightest bulbs that emits light over the sun's surface As many as one billion times as many as this unimaginable brightly lit cannon, researchers believe that can be used as a new type of X-ray, can shoot a higher resolution than the traditional high-resolution photos.

This light bulb light beam, can help the human eye to see more details of the object, can effectively help health care workers, engineers and the practical application of various scientific experts to improve the safety of work.

Traditionally, an electron will only emit a photon at a time, but the light bulb developed by the Extreme Light Laboratory, a beam that can produce nearly a thousand photons, that is, can increase the brightness of conventional bulbs Thousands of times.

It is hard to imagine how bright the bulb in the end will change what we can see in the future, and the light it sends will make every detail difficult to escape from the human eye. So when you turn on the lamp, you will find that all the things you have seen in the past have become different, no longer the world you have seen and experienced, the bright beam will change the appearance of the object, Every tiny detail is clearly visible.

The researchers said that this can solve the traditional X-ray can not see the problem of small tumors or cracks, can also be used in the "speeding camera", photographed the process of chemical reactions, as well as the process of electronic movement. This study has been tried for many years in the past, but because they can not find a bright light source and failed.

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