Board Classifications

- Aug 27, 2015-

Divides according to the layers into a single circuit board panels, double-sided, and multilayer circuit board three general categories.

First of all is a single panel, on the most basic PCB, components concentrated in the side, wire centres on the other side. Because wires only occurs on one side, so I call this PCB is called single-sided circuit boards. Single panel usually produce simple, low cost, but the drawback is cannot be applied to complex products.

Dual-panel is an extension of single-sided, single layer routing if it cannot meet the needs of electronic products, then use double-sided. Double-sided copper-clad line, and through the holes to pass between the two lines, needed to make it a network connection.

Plywood is a three-layer over conductive pattern layers apart and the insulating materials laminated together, and conductive pattern as required to interconnect PCB. Multilayer circuit board in electronic information technology to high speed, multi-functional, high capacity, small size, thin, lightweight direction of the product.

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