Blue Star New Material Successfully Developed High Temperature Bisphenol A Phenolic Epoxy Resin

- May 22, 2017-

From the Blue Star new materials Wuxi resin factory news, the plant is actively developing lead-free epoxy resin products to replace the traditional lead-containing products. At present, small test has made great progress, to achieve the stage of research and development goals.

     Printed circuit board solder lead-free epoxy resin on the heat resistance of a higher standard, general-purpose epoxy resin has been difficult to achieve this requirement. To this end, the plant from the beginning of this year to develop: to meet the requirements of the bisphenol A phenolic resin, bisphenol A phenolic epoxy resin. At present, researchers have successfully synthesized bisphenol A phenolic resin with bisphenol A and formaldehyde. Bisphenol A type phenolic epoxy resin has been successfully synthesized by using bisphenol A phenolic resin and epichlorohydrin. After the trial, Lead - free material under the premise of the material. Researchers are actively adjusting the experimental program to achieve product stereotypes, to speed up the bisphenol A phenolic and bisphenol A phenolic epoxy resin to the market progress. At present, such products are mainly produced by the European R & D, China only a small number of enterprises in Taiwan can produce.

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