Blue LED Into The Red Sea, Crystal Power Q2 Operation Is Better Than Q1

- Jun 14, 2017-

Crystal LED current proportion of 35 ~ 40%, backlighting accounted for 30 to 35%, while the rest for the display, automotive and other related applications; total blue LED is still close to 70%, four yuan LED approaching 30%, although the blue LED prices into the Red Sea, but the LED backlight and lighting is still the market application of large, crystal power still can not be neglected.

Jinggui pointed out that the second quarter of the blue light production line full load, the demand mainly from the LED lighting, backlighting demand is expected from the beginning of the third quarter will be more obvious; lighting prices have stabilized, and the cost of crystal power structure also continued to decline , Under full load, fixed costs fell, coupled with the second quarter of the exchange pressure to reduce the expected second quarter operation is better than the first quarter.

4 to 5 months before the backlight will start pulling goods tide, from last year, this stock season tends to ease, this year is no exception, crystal analysis, mainly LCD TV average size expansion, but LED luminous efficiency is also improved , With LCD TV sales this year, so the backlight is not significant, it is expected to be more obvious in the third quarter, and will be high-end models with the CSP is more prominent.

Looking forward to the third quarter, due to LED lighting has been in the second quarter of a large number of cargo, cover, crystal electricity is expected to slow the demand in the third quarter, the rest of the backlight, four yuan of products should have the opportunity to maintain the level of the second quarter.

Crystal May revenue of 2.221 billion yuan, climb to this year's single-month high record, an increase of 1.18%, an annual increase of 2.67%, the cumulative revenue in May before the merger exceeded 10 billion, reaching 10.137 billion yuan, 3.51% 

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