Billion Light Optimistic About The 2017 Market, The Future Continued Sprint Three Niche Market

- May 31, 2017-

Billion light optimistic about the 2017 market, the future continued sprint three niche market

Taiwan-based LED packaging manufacturers under the fierce competition in the last year, earnings per share is still stable 4 yuan, the company on the 25th upload shareholders annual report, chairman Ye Yinfu in the shareholders report on this year's operation is still cautiously optimistic, the future Will continue to sprint vehicles, small pitch products and invisible light LED, through a strong product portfolio to resist price competition pressure.

Billion light for the LED industry earnings gifted students last year, earnings per share of 4.13 yuan (NT, the same below), in the LED upstream and downstream supply chain, the earnings performance is relatively good, Everlight Director Ye Yinfu in billion light upload The shareholders' report is still cautiously optimistic about future operations.

In the automotive products, billion light from the beginning of 2015 to establish Miaoli copper gong new plant to create people because of the concept of engineering wisdom factory, the main components for the production of automotive components, all products are anti-sulfide capacity, through a comprehensive H2S, SO2, CL2 and NO2 different corrosive gas test, the whole product immediately before the solid crystal into the laser code, easy process and catch up the product status, combined with floor moving line, automatic AOI, MES system and other advantages, and the use of RFID-assisted MES system to do process control ; Billion light confidence in the gong factory to meet the needs of depot.

In the wearing device demand, the light of the light sensor components have developed a special wavelength of physiological and somatosensory detection products, and for industrial 4.0 related applications, optical switching components and isolation devices have also introduced analog and digital output, advanced light Encoders, high-speed optocouplers and other advanced products; due to the international ban on mercury standards 2020 will be completely banned mercury lamp, will promote light UV products quickly cut into the traditional mercury lamp curing, disinfection applications market.

In addition to the general market DLP and LCD commercial display, small spacing billboards can be unlimited expansion of display size, and with seamless splicing, high brightness, high contrast, low maintenance costs and the use of low-cost Long life and other advantages. According to statistics, 2016 small-distance products accounted for the proportion of the display screen up to 32%, LED average usage from 2015 to 60,000 per square meter to P1.0 to 1 million, the same area, LED usage growth More than 16 times, billion light will continue to combine the needs of the market terminal, R & D resources to develop a smaller volume of RGB full color billboards.

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