AUO: Taiwan Has Micro LED Technology Advantages

- May 16, 2017-

Apple may be the first in 2018 Apple Watch Micro LED, Samsung also came out of the offer 150 million US dollars, intends to acquire Taiwan Micro LED factory 錼 a technology, international manufacturers have rushed into the next generation of display technology, we can see Micro LED Hot, AUO and Qunchuang also actively related to the development and layout.

Cai Guoxin said that Taiwan is the LED manufacturing center, making Taiwan in the Micro LED R & D and technology have advantages, however, the relevant materials and equipment is not yet mature, once the material and equipment, and related technical advantages can play out.

For the recent LCD outlook, he said that large-size panels continue to be in short supply, the company's production capacity is nearly full, AUO's 8.5 generation plant to meet customer needs, and expansion of production capacity, quite competitive, will not lose to the mainland's 10.5 or 11 On behalf of the plant, the company has high-level technology, with the rapid mass production capacity, the introduction of high-end panel products, the mainland is difficult to chase on the current.

In the face of the mainland investment 10.5 or 11 generations of plants, to grab 65 and 75-inch large TV panel business opportunities, Cai Guoxin said, in fact, 8.5 generation than 10.5 or 11 generations but also competitive, because 8.5 is a very mature plant, but the mainland has The world's largest generation of 8.5 plants, but in the high-end, large TV panels can not compete with Taiwan and South Korea, the main is the lack of high-end technology.

He stressed that the mainland is just a wealth of investment expansion, you can buy the largest generation of plant and equipment, but you want to put these plants, mass production of high-end, large TV panels, which is money can not do, because this Must be high-end panel technology to do with, and AUO is to have these high-end technology, the mainland is still catch up, making high-end, large size panels continue to be in short supply.

He pointed out that the mainland May TV promotion has been heavy weight, the overall TV sales may decline, but the TV size will continue to grow, because the brand focused on promoting high-end, large-size TV, which is AUO's strengths.

For the green energy industry, Cai Guoxin said that AUO is the industry leader with the highest power efficiency in Taiwan. AUO has completed the construction of eight solar power plants in the past five years. The total installed capacity of the plant is nearly 42 million watts (MW) , Providing more than 160,000 degrees per day green electricity. AUO is in 2016 a year the amount of equipment reached 32MW, 2017 to double to 70MW, to meet the government-driven green energy industry opportunities.

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