Analysis On The Causes And Countermeasures Of The Drum Bag Of Epoxy Resin Floor In PCB Factory2

- Jul 27, 2017-

How to prevent drums from producing

    1, to solve the epoxy layer from the drum, but also to solve the epoxy floor construction in the "three fear"; (1) fear of water; (2) afraid of the sun; (3) afraid of dust.

    2, to take measures to prevent drums:

    (1) do waterproof layer on the grassroots level to prevent water vapor infiltration control grass or water within the waterproof layer within 8%, grass-roots or waterproof layer compressive strength greater than 21MP, for epoxy construction.

    (2) to improve the epoxy layer and the base layer or waterproof layer of adhesive force, to overcome the beginning of the package when the expansion force to avoid the occurrence of drums.

    (3) epoxy layer construction, the bottom coating should use good quality materials, one, so that part of the epoxy osmosis into the grass-roots or waterproof layer to form a whole, two, is the progressive adhesive force, curing After leaving less residue or chemical gas.

    (4) after the construction of the epoxy to avoid sun exposure to reduce the surface of the epoxy layer and the temperature difference inside the changes.

    (5) in the grassroots or waterproof layer on the construction must be clean. After the construction of the epoxy layer and the grassroots or waterproof between the open space without leaving.

    (6) In short, waterproof material in the selection of the necessary, with the following:

    1) impermeability impermeability;

    2) compressive strength, strength greater than 20PaM;

    3) and the ground has a strong adhesion;

    4) and epoxy resin easily bonded to form a whole. Waterproof layer within 5 days after the completion of construction shall not be superior to protect the finished product.

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