Why Is The LED Display So Concerned

- Jun 12, 2017-

1, the overall development of the industry reached a large-scale level

China's LED display industry's main products not only in the mainland market share ***, while in the global market also occupy a certain share, forming a stable export. Product quality and reliability of the overall improvement of the ***, the mainland LED display application enterprises in major projects and key projects in the outstanding performance in the international market competition, large-scale display system to undertake the implementation of the project capacity, etc. *** improve.

2, scientific and technological innovation to promote the development of the industry role

Led display application industry, the overall level of technology and the international development of the basic, nearly two years of innovative products continue to come out, the industry active in technological innovation, product technology development capabilities continue to strengthen. Technical development, technical support and technical assurance capabilities that meet specific application requirements are enhanced, and key technologies and mainstream product development are more mature.

3, industrial development was standardized, intensive features

Led display industry associations over the years has been actively promoting product technology exchanges and carry out standardization work, through product technical standards, product technology testing and other means to effectively promote the standardization of industrial technology products development. Standardization, standardization led to the upgrading of the level of industrialization, industrial layout of the accumulation effect is reflected, such as the Shenzhen area focused on the size of the enterprise.

In recent years, China led display application industry development process is an important feature of the scale of the number of enterprises increased significantly, the number of medium-sized enterprises have decreased, the number of small-scale enterprises have increased.

4, LED upstream industry development to promote the role of obvious

Led industry chain between the realization of benign interaction, new products, new technology to promote the use of rapid, based on led chip materials, driver IC, control and other technology development, many enterprises in the industry LED integrated applications, semiconductor lighting, lighting lighting engineering And other aspects of the formation of a certain technical basis and production engineering foundation. In the traditional led large screen display technology and products on the basis of LED display products in the industry market share increased year by year.

5, the industry pattern in the adjustment of continuous improvement and rationalization

The professional division of labor within the industry is becoming increasingly evident, LED display applications, the basic form of the industrial chain prototype for the industry to upgrade and laid a good foundation. In this regard, on the one hand to have a rational understanding, on the other hand to take this as an opportunity to conscientiously sum up experience, and actively promote the technological innovation results, expand new markets, in order to maintain the sustainable development of the industry.

All in all, in the LED display industry competition at the same time, professional production, technology development, engineering services and other aspects of the division of labor in the industry have reflected, segment the market and highlight the core competitiveness, has become a new concern for many enterprises.

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