5 Can Not Know The LED Ceiling Light To Buy Skills To Learn To Worry About Home Improvement

- Jun 07, 2017-

In the cut off the chandelier power under the premise of the damaged chandelier Led bulb removed, this time to pay attention to safety issues, to avoid falling from a height, or knock chandeliers and a series of security risks.

Chandelier replacement Led bulb skills two

When removing the damaged Led bulb, we should pay attention to our way, can not force the lamp out, this may damage the chandelier parts, we should slowly roll out the bulb.

Chandelier replacement Led light bulb skills three

Try to choose the day when the replacement of light bulbs, because the day is generally not applicable to the lamp, will not lead to hot bulbs; while adequate light during the day, there will not be caused by dark operation caused by damage to the situation.

Chandelier replacement Led bulb skill four

Replace the lamp to pay attention to the choice of the lamp model and power, otherwise the light may be due to different light power caused by uneven light situation. Danger may cause the bulb to burst and threaten the health of the family, so this is a very important detail.

Chandelier replacement Led light bulb skills five

Finally, the same type of Led light bulb slowly spin in, cover the lampshade, turn on the power, see the chandelier can not be used normally.

The above is the chandelier replacement Led bulb skills all the instructions, these skills in life or have a great practical value, I hope you can make good use of. Another point is that everyone in the replacement process of installation, we must pay attention to their own safety, do not easily try dangerous operation, if necessary, seek the help of professionals.

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