5% → 11%, This Year The Global Semiconductor Market Growth Valuation Doubled

- Apr 07, 2017-

5% → 11%, this year the global semiconductor market growth valuation doubled

IC Insights estimates that this year's DRAM production is expected to grow 39%, NAND flash memory output will also increase by 25%, driven by memory, this year the global semiconductor market will grow 11%, compared with the original estimate of 5% More than double

IC Insights pointed out that in April last year, the average selling price of 2.41 US dollars, in 

January this year, prices rose to 3.6 US dollars, or up to 49%, DRAM is expected this year, the 

average selling price is expected to rise 37%. DRAM prices go up, mainly supply and demand gap. IC 

Insights said DRAM demand growth this year will grow 30%, but the supplier capacity is expected to 

grow only 20%.

In the NAND flash memory section, IC Insights noted that the average selling price rose 22% in the 

year after the average selling price fell 1% last year, and the output is expected to increase by 

25%. IC Insights also expects DRAM output this year to look at $ 57.3 billion, up 39% from last 

year and will be the world's largest semiconductor chip product, more than the standard personal 

computer and server microprocessor market 47.1 billion US dollars, more than 10.2 billion The dol-


DRAM, NAND flash memory prices strong, prompting IC Insights this year's global chip growth foreca-

st more than doubled, the latest 2017 global chip output value will grow 11%.

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