10L High Density PCB

- Aug 02, 2016-

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Model NO.:As request

  • Type:Rigid Circuit Board

  • Dielectric:FR-4

  • Material:Fiberglass Epoxy

  • Application:Industry Control

  • Flame Retardant Properties:V0

  • Mechanical Rigid:Rigid

  • Processing Technology:Electrolytic Foil

  • Base Material:Aluminum

  • Insulation Materials:Epoxy Resin

  • Brand:Shenzhen Rigao Electronics

  • High Density Board.:Printed Circuit Board Fabrication

  • High Density Printed Circuit Board (PCB):Quick Turn PCB Prototpyes

  • Mobile Main Board:PCB Supplier

  • Buried Vias PCB:Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing

  • Blind Via PCB:PCB Fabrication

  • Micro Via PCB:Rapid Board Prototyping

  • HDI PCB:High Density Board

  • HDI Board:Blind Via PCB

  • High Density Interconnect Pcbs (HDI Pcbs:Micro Via PCB

  • High Density PCB:HDI Board

  • Trademark:Hitech PCB

  • Specification:ISO9001, UL, RoHS

  • Origin:China, Shenzhen

Product Description

10L High Density PCB

Laminate: FR4, Tg150

Board thickness: 1.6mm
Copper thickness: 17.5um (Hoz) for all layers
Solder resist: green color
Surface Finish: Immersion gold
Trace width/width: 0.89/0.1mm
Min. holes:0.1mm
Controlled Impedance
Application: Industry control

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