[Explore] Micro LED Cost Is Too High Difficult To Win The Market Accounted For?

- Jun 01, 2017-

Zhang Jiahong analysis, LED output value of the rapid decline in some factors is the rapid evolution of technological efficiency of light, resulting in reduced number of TV backlight applications. Although Micro is currently facing all aspects of the process of mass production problems, but the epitaxy chip micro-shrink can be quickly overcome, but with the epitaxial size reduced to 10 nm, resulting in transfer (Transfer) process difficulty, such as vacuum nozzle minimum hole 80 Nano, and the future Micro LED is bound to three consecutive continuous miniaturization, the current huge transfer process is facing difficulties.

Micro LED production process due to the need to launch a new machine, is bound to increase the cost of Micro LED manufacturing, resulting in mass production time can not be seen in the near future, Zhang Jiahong said that despite a substantial increase in cost more than ten times, but the LED factory still competing Into the market, mainly due to product efficiency characteristics will be able to meet the application needs. At present, OLED into the smart phone, but because of OLED efficiency is low, "the area for efficiency" to increase the design bottleneck of mobile phone factory.

Zhang Jiahong pointed out that compared to OLED occupy a large number of mobile phone design space, and Micro LED efficient use of less space, and power, high brightness, fast response characteristics are in line with consumer demand for products, and therefore each brand factory contains Apple (Apple ) And so on ducks privately put into product development. While the outside world generally worried about the high cost of Micro LED is difficult to win the market accounted for, but with the high-end market applications OLED or LED cost gap is not.

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