Multi Layer Printed Circuit Boards PCB

Multi Layer Printed Circuit Boards PCB

BGA Immersion Gold Green Solder Mask manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Multi Layer Printed Circuit Boards PCB,Medical Board Multilayer PCB 1~20 Layers,Communication Board 16layers and so on.

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Among those famous multi layer printed circuit boards pcb manufacturers, Rigao Electronics is a professional multi layer printed circuit boards pcb supplier and factory, we can offer you customized products price and quotation consultation, welcome to buy our products at low price.

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Type:Rigid Circuit Board

  • Dielectric:FR-4

  • Material:Fiberglass Epoxy

  • Application:Communication

  • Flame Retardant Properties:V0

  • Mechanical Rigid:Rigid

  • Processing Technology:Electrolytic Foil

  • Base Material:Copper

  • Insulation Materials:Epoxy Resin

  • Brand:Shenzhen Rigao Electronics

Product Description

Multi Layer Printed Circuit Boards PCB

PCB  Manufacture  Capability
MaterialFR-4, High-Tg,Aluminum Based  , Halogen Free,CEM-1,CEM-2 ,Rogers,PTEE, Other Special Material
Layers1-22 Layers
Max.Board sixe635mm*1100mm
Board Thickness8mil-236mil  (0.2mm  -  6.0mm)
Copper Thickness0.5 oz-6.0 oz
Outline  Tolerance±0.1mm
Impedance Control±10%
Peelable Solder MaskYes
Min.Line width/spacing0.075mm(3mils)
Aspect Ritio10:1
TestFly probe test,E-test Fixture,Inspection AOI test
Special CapabilityVia plug,BGA,Gold Finger,Countersink hole,Blind/Buried hole
Surface FinishHASL,LF HASL,ENIG,Immersion Gold,Immersion silver, Flash Gold,OSP
Outline  Tolerance± 4mil  (± 0.10mm)
Board  Thickness  Tolerance± 10%
Drilling  Bit  Size  (  CNC  )0.2mm-6.5mm
Finished  Hole  Dimension0.1mm-6.0mm
Laser  Drilling  Hole  Size4mil(0.1mm)
Solder  Mask ColourGreen,   Blue,   White,   Black,   Red,   Yellow,   Purple,   etc.
Legends ColourWhite,Yellow,Black,Blue,etc.
FilesGerber,Protel DXP,Auto CAD,PADS,OrCAD,Express PCB,etc.
Multi Layer Printed Circuit Boards PCB

Normal  Lead Time
(Working Day: From Monday to Saturday)
LayersLead Time(wds) 
< 11~33~55~10> 10 
Remark: 1:Our quick turn lead time can be: 2L (24hours),4L(48hours),6L(56hours) etc. 
                 2:Lead time will be started once Engineering Query confirmed. 
                 3:Delivery dates are subject to change pending Availability of special materials from suppliers.

Produce Machine

PCB Specialize Supplier

Multi Layer Printed Circuit Boards PCB

Shenzhen Rigao Electronics Co.,Ltd

Rapidly    Efficient    High-quality    Reliable

As an experienced PCB and PCBA manufacturer, we provide prototypes, small volume, medium volume, and high volume projects. We are able to guarantee a complete service with comprehensive technical backup, offering a cost advantage and scheduled delivery.
Our main services include offering

Rigid PCB (up to 64 Layers)
Flexible PCB/FPC (1~6 Layers)
Rigid-Flex (3~18 Layers)
Aluminum-based PCB (1~6 Layers)
High Density Interconnection/HDI PCB
High frequency material PCB
DIP,COB, SMT assembly Services
Components Sourcing

Specilize Supplier of FAST PCB, Prototye, small volume PCB.
Own a batch of staff and engineers who have more than 10 years experience in PCB Manufacture.
 Passed the certification of IS0 14001,ISO 9001 and UL , all products meet the standards of IPC and RoHS .
Excellent capable of Impedance Contral,Blind/Buried hole,Plug Hole ,HDI,Binding Plate ,BGA,etc.
High frequency ,High-TG, other special types  are on the service.

Sandard communication with both Chinese and English.  

CAM Engineer provide 7 days-24 hours service.

Rich Experience of PCB engineers.

Oder in 1,lead time could be 1-3 days

Oder in 5,lead time could be5-10 days.

Order in 5-20,lead time could be7-12days.

Every Boards pass the engineer pre-qualification  before production for quality prevention and control.

100% e-test and AOI test are provided for all Boards

All the Products pass Hi-pot test, Thermal Stress Test ,Dependability test , Insulation resistance Test ,Characteristic Impendence test etc,ensure good quality

On-time delivery , Enable customers to rest assured, cherish every customer, even 1 pcs order will get our warm and thoughtful service.

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