MP3 Watch PCB Board

MP3 Watch PCB Board

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Product Details

Among those famous mp3 watch pcb board manufacturers, Rigao Electronics is a professional mp3 watch pcb board supplier and factory, we can offer you customized products price and quotation consultation, welcome to buy our products at low price.
Basic Info
  • Model NO.: pcb-0068

  • Dielectric: FR-4

  • Application: Communication

  • Mechanical Rigid: Fexible

  • Base Material: Aluminum

  • Brand: Rigao

  • Cooper Thickness: 0.5 Oz-11oz (18 Um-385 Um)

  • Certificate: RoHS, ISO9001:2008, SGS, UL Certificate

  • Trademark: Shenzhen Rigao Electronics

  • Origin: Shenzhen

  • Type: Rigid Circuit Board

  • Material: Fiberglass Epoxy

  • Flame Retardant Properties: V0

  • Processing Technology: Electrolytic Foil

  • Insulation Materials: Epoxy Resin

  • Layer No.: 1-16

  • Finished Board Thickness: 0.2 mm-3.8mm′(8 Mil-150 Mil)

  • Laminate Materials: Fr-4,Fr-1,,Fr-2,Cem-1,Cem-3

  • Specification: RoHS, REACH, SGS, ISO14000, TS16949

Product Description

MP3 Watch PCB Board

Who we are

  PCB Manufacturer



  Rigao, firstly established as a PCB   manufacturer, has its own PCB factory with advanced manufacturing facilities,   capable in fabricating up to 24 layers PCB boards. The factory is ISO9001   certified, with its PCB products UL approved and RoHS compliant. Your PCB   cost and lead time can be reduced to buy PCBs from us.

  Rigao is highly customer oriented catering for   customer's specific requirements. There are various kinds of available   services, you can choose either full turn-key solutions or any single   specific service. We can handle any size project from minimum quantity one   piece to mass production. And we provide quick turn PCB and PCBA   manufacturing service.

 Rigao fully understands the importance of quality   for your projects. The quality control system is integrated in each step from   preliminary PCB manufacturing to final PCBA packing, and a well-organized   inspection and test procedure is performed to ensure the superior quality.   All the products are 100% inspected for each shipment.

Our process capability

MP3 Watch PCB Board

PCB Surface Finisheselectrolytic nickel-gold,
HASL(Lead Free, ENIG (Electroless Nickel/Immersion Gold, Carbon Ink, Golden Fingers, OSP (Entek, Immersion Tin, Immersion Silver
PCB Board Max. Size 1200mm×600mm
PCB Board Min. Size 5mm×5 mm
Bow & Twist Tolerance Single Side≤1.0%,Double Side≤0.7%, Muti-Layer≤0.5%
Min. Board Thickness & Tolerance 0.2mm±0.08mm
Min. trace/spacing Tin board:0.2mm±20%(8mil±0%)
 gold board:0.075mm±20%(3mil±0%)
Copper to Board Edge Spacing 0.5mm(20mil)
Hole to Trace Spacing 0.3mm(12mil)
Min. Hole Diameter 0.2mm±.076mm(8mil±3mil)
Min. Hole Clearance 0.4mm±.076mm(16mil±3mil)
Copper Thickness on Hole Wall 20-25um(0.79mil-1.0mil)
Hole Location Tolerance ±0.076mm(l±3mil)
Min Diameter of Punching Hole FR-4 board thickness≤1.0mm(40mil):1.0mm(40mil)
 FR-4 board thickness 1.2-3.0mm(48-120mil):1.5mm(60mil)
Min. Punching Slot FR-4 CEM-3 board thickness≤1. 0mm(40mil):0.8 mm×0.8 mm(32mil×32mil)
 FR-4 board thickness1.2-3.0mm(48-120mil): 1.0 mm×1.0 mm(40mil×40mil)
Trace width variation ±0.076mm(±3mil)
Outline Tolerance Routing:±0.1mm (±4mil)  ,Punching:±0.05mm (±2mil)
V-CUT Registration Tolerance±0.2mm (±8mil)
TypeSingle-sided, double-sided, multi-layer
Major Material FR-4, CEM-1,CEM-3, high frequency laminates, Aluminum, NiFe-based, copper base
Thickness 0.2-3.5mm
Base Copper Thickness 11um  35um  70um  105um
Max. aspect ratio(board thickness: hole size) 8:1
V-Cut Angle Tolerance ±5°
V-Cut Board Thickness 0.4mm -3.2mm(16mil -128mil)
Min SMT Pitch 0.3mm(12mil)
Min. Component mark 0.15mm(6mil)
Min. width of annular ring(finished) 0.15mm(6mil)/side
Min pad opening 0.076mm(3mil)
Min S/M Bridge ±0.076mm(±3mil)
 carbon ink board manufacturing capability:1.Impedance Control:20K±10%  2.Hardness:6H  3.bearable friction times :above 200000 times

MP3 Watch PCB Board

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