Why do the best choice test circuit board?

- Jul 25, 2016-

PCB proofing:

PCB proofing refers to the area as a model for the level of less than 0.6, so that the sub-circuit board proofing we can choose flying probe test, the cost of such flying probe test is relatively small, if only to test the features we recommend sampling the best control in 0.2 within square meters, this way we are free to test, of course, a situation that is designed to confirm the drawing board is no problem, just want to hit like to test the quality and performance of the circuit board circuit board manufacturers, then this situation can be Select the open test stand-in test, and this way you can save the cost of a flying probe test.

Circuit board small batch:

Board small batch refers to the area of 0.6 to 5 m2 flat between circuit boards, such small quantities of circuit board production, Branch Friends strongly suggest that you start the test stand test, first, because more than three square meters with board flying probe test of a long time, and second, flying probe test costs are relatively high, and the third is behind the event if there is mass production, we can save a lot of the testing costs.

PCB mass production:

PCB mass production refers to the area of more than 5 flat board, and this board is only one choice is the best test! Test stand that is open to test circuit boards choose the way, let's talk about why you want to Select the test, I think we all know, the board has more than 10 kinds of production processes, do not understand can view the circuit board manufacturing process, every process must be fully qualified to ensure quality control of the production of circuit boards, but the man always how many there will be some problems, can not ensure 100% qualified, then the problems need to be tested to ensure quality, and if you do not test might cause some of the cost increase, such increase SMT assembly costs, increase the cost of components, etc. Therefore we qualified for the board or the unnecessary waste at reasonable cost test it!

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