What is cold light effect is hot light effect

- Jun 22, 2017-

What is cold light effect is hot light effect

Simply said that the cold light effect is in the LED light at room temperature (25C) when the measured light efficiency, and thermal efficiency is the LED light source after the thermal stability of the measured light effect. Specifically, we usually use the integrating sphere to measure the luminous efficiency of the LED light source. Then, the luminous efficiency obtained immediately after the power is turned on (assuming that the room temperature is 25 degrees), this "immediately" Seconds or less. And the thermal effect is at least half an hour to 3 noon after the heat balance (or thermal stability). Now we usually say that the light effect is cold light effect, or usually we are on the shell or packaging marked on the light efficiency indicators are mostly cold light effect.

For the vast majority of users, they are concerned about the fact that the main thermal effect. Because the LED lighting will be used for more than half an hour, unfortunately, the user only know that the luminous efficiency of the lamp and do not know the thermal effect of the lamp, which in a sense that this is an unintentional deceit Consumer behavior.

In any case, I suggest that in the future should be used as a light effect of light efficiency indicators, marked on the box.

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