The rapid rise of the automobile industry PCB

- Jul 28, 2016-

Autopilot and new energy automotive hot market value, led the leading PCB manufacturers orders full car. And because the automotive industry chain audit strict stability requirements are higher, so the automotive electronics relative to the higher gross margin consumer electronics, drive cars, PCB manufacturers to better profitability.

In order to understand the current PCB industry development environment, help PCB manufacturers and equipment manufacturers to adapt to industry trends, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, promote industrial upgrading 2016 June 21 to 23, NEPCON West China 2016 in Chengdu New international convention and Exhibition Center was held. New PCB exhibition pavilion, will undoubtedly become a professional event PCB exhibitors and visitors.


Autopilot cars and new energy vehicles to promote increased dramatically the amount of PCB

As traditional ADAS car through a gradual transition to the autopilot, as well as the promotion of new energy vehicles, continuously improve the penetration rate of automotive electronics, automotive PCB used more widely. Expected future as the technology matures and the popularity of cars of IT standards improve, more and more rich variety of functions, utilities, by type of high-end to low-end continues to penetrate.


Millimeter-wave radar spawned huge demand for automotive high-frequency PCB

Automotive millimeter-wave radar is currently in rapid development, the estimated average number of future bicycle use millimeter-wave radar will continue to grow, demand for automotive radar PCB will also grow rapidly. Radar and high-frequency circuits of PCB material and manufacturing processes have higher requirements. Therefore, the car radar PCB will bring a higher amount of value.


New energy automobile power battery BMS

As one of the basic hardware PCB components BMS, the development of the industry will also benefit from it. Present luxury cars use bicycles PCB area of about 2-3 square meters, we conservatively assume that the new energy vehicles bicycle PCB use two square meters, 2,000 yuan per square meter, 2020 global new energy automotive PCB market scale reached 16.4 billion yuan.


Automotive PCB access high threshold, leading manufacturers to send a huge advantage

Due to the special working environment, safety and other requirements of high current car characteristics, the requirements for PCB reliability, environmental adaptability is very harsh. According to Huang Jing Peng, chairman of industrial gold presentation, zero defect rate is a basic requirement of international manufacturers suppliers, but also determines whether it can into the field of automotive PCB. Due to high barriers to entry Automotive PCB, automobile manufacturers generally will not easily replace certified suppliers. Therefore, once vendors can successfully enter the international manufacturers supply chain, not only will bring long-term stability of orders, also due to the high threshold of the characteristics of the industry, the company expanded operations to bring the relative growth. Therefore, the first-mover advantage of leading enterprises is obvious.


At present, China's western region comply with the domestic PCB industry consolidation trend, gathering vigorously undertake industrial transfer, land concessions, tax incentives, recruitment and other aspects of the generation of free enterprise had a great attraction east, west flowering momentum PCB industry show. At the same time as the digital electronics industry, the demand for intelligent production technologies plus exuberant Yu, the western region is gradually grown into China's manufacturing competitive high ground.

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