The Effect of Packaging Technology on Electronic Components

- Mar 28, 2017-

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Packaging is one of the necessary processes. Packaging is to constitute the electronic components or integrated circuits in accordance with the provisions of the various requirements of the rational arrangement, assembly, connection, and isolation from the environment to be protected process, the role is to prevent moisture, dust and harmful gases on the electronic devices or integrated circuits Erosion, slow vibration, prevent external damage and stabilize component parameters. Whether it is discrete devices, integrated circuits, large-scale integrated circuit lamp semiconductor components, or printed circuit boards, automotive electronics, automotive wiring harness, connectors, sensors and other electronic components, usually in the end of the process package. In addition to silicone potting, most potting materials are non-removable after encapsulation, which means that the package fails to be directly scraped, thus affecting product costs. So the packaging of electronic devices do use silicone potting. The biggest advantage of silicone potting is stability, can be relatively wide temperature, humidity range to maintain good mechanical and electrical properties. But also as a buffer shock and shock shock material. Silicone potting also has good anti-ozone and UV aging properties, as well as excellent chemical stability. Through the modification, but also improve the colloid thermal conductivity and flame resistance, so that it is more suitable for electronic components. Dongguan Zaoshun Silicone New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of silicone potting, the research and development of the "ZS-GF-5299E" has excellent thermal conductivity and flame retardant properties, widely used in various types of electronic components On, play insulation seismic, waterproof and cooling capacity

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