The Difference between Immersion Gold Process and Gold Plating Process

- Jun 14, 2017-

The Difference between Shenjin Process and Gold Plating Process

Shen Jin is a chemical deposition method, through the chemical redox reaction method to generate a layer of coating, the general thickness of thick, is a chemical nickel gold layer deposition method, can reach a thicker gold layer.

     Gold is used in the principle of electrolysis, also known as electroplating. Other metal surface treatment is also used in most of the plating method.

     In the actual product application, 90% of the gold plate is Shenjin plate, because the gold plate welding poor is his fatal shortcomings, but also lead to many companies to give up the direct cause of gold plating process!

     Shenjin process in the printed circuit surface deposition of color stability, good brightness, smooth coating, good solderability of nickel gold coating. The basic can be divided into four stages: pre-treatment (degreasing, micro-erosion, activation, after immersion), nickel, Shen Jin, after treatment (waste gold washing, DI washing, drying). Shenjin thickness between 0.025-0.1um.

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