STMicroelectronics released feature-rich free simulator simplifies EMC design

- Aug 04, 2016-

China, July 21, 2016 - Across multiple electronic applications, the world's leading semiconductor supplier STMicroelectronics (STMicroelectronics, referred ST; NYSE: STM) has introduced a free software tool for ESD simulation, guide the user from the design stage right choice outset protection device, so a jacket pocket, automotive instrument panels, desks and other electrostatic safer place to protect today's high popularity intelligent hardware.

The human body, clothes and objects easy to gather several thousand volts of static electricity, electrostatic discharge may cause the body to a mild electric shock is even greater threat to the chip, so smart phones, tablets, computers and televisions chips become smaller. Outside the body such as a USB port or HDMI ™ sockets are particularly vulnerable to attack electrostatic discharge (ESD). To prevent ESD threat appliances, developers often need to use hardware protection circuit required for testing the prototype, thus inevitably modify the design later in the product, resulting in increased costs and delayed the listing.

STMicroelectronics has released a new free online software simulation tools ESD-SIM can overcome this challenge, it is possible the evaluation circuit protection and signal integrity performance, hardware engineers before the assembly to select the correct device from STMicroelectronics ESD protection product line.

STMicroelectronics ASD and product manager for IPAD Ricardo De Sa Earp expressed: "ESD-SIM can significantly improve board design efficiency, Keysight device model simulation tools and STMicroelectronics quick start design projects, allows engineers to online assessment of protection the electrical properties of the circuit device. "

STMicroelectronics design simulation tool selection Keysight EEsof EDA software, including ADS, because this software is the industry standard for high-speed high frequency simulation tools. Now, ESD-SIM tool allows the ADS simulator line, protection devices users online reviews STMicroelectronics.

Now ESD-SIM allows engineers to determine in advance the ESD protection device selection, turn to higher-value product design capabilities, without worrying about increased costs later in the project suffered or postpone the listing of the dilemma.

ESD-SIM is a tool expert Transim companies STMicroelectronics dedicated to creating, using simulation kernel Keysight of ADS software. ESD-SIM use ADS in industry standard high-speed / high-frequency SPICE simulation engine, an electrical engineer performance evaluation STMicroelectronics device provides a quick and easy way. Verify that the output of the online tools are free of charge and provides a ADS window that allows engineers to use commercially available software quick start design projects.

Torsten Goebner Transim development project manager, said: "As a free tool, innovative ESD-SIM will change all the way engineers design circuits, eradicated in the final stages of design to solve unforeseen problems and to modify the design of the trouble."

The tool uses STMicroelectronics TVS (transient voltage suppression diodes) intelligent selection to choose suitable protective devices, whether applications are digital signals, analog signals, automotive or power can be used. ESD-SIM operation ESD and signal integrity simulation software, using Transmission Line Pulse simulation, eye diagrams, time domain reflectometry and S parameters to ensure high-speed signals such as USB 3.1, HDMI, DisplayPort ™ or SATA compliance with applicable technical specifications. The entire testing process quick and easy, just seven mouse clicks. Including simulation test signal test set and pre-configured, without requiring the user to create a testing process to ensure compliance with the relevant standards. The simulation tool also permits the user to set the parameters, save the design to share with the local design team or community.

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