smd led 5730 specification

- Apr 28, 2017-

5730 warm white light patch beads unique advantages:

1. High brightness, low attenuation, low energy consumption, long life, anti-static ability

2. High luminous efficiency, narrow spectrum, good monochrome

3. High color rendering, display realistic colors, excellent color reproduction ability

4. Green. Does not contain lead, mercury and other toxic and hazardous substances

5. Have the most advanced production equipment and mature packaging technology (see the company's album and dynamic)

6. Strength of the manufacturers, with a high-quality professional R & D team

5730 Warm white light chip application products:

5730 SMD lamp beads white lumens high, stable performance, good color consistency, cost-effective; for a variety of LED lighting products. Widely used in LED bulbs, LED bulbs, outdoor billboards, electronic display, traffic lights, signs, car taillights, LED light module, LCD backlight, LED lighting, LED soft light.

led 5730 datasheet

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