Six kinds of LED technology and application

- May 12, 2017-

Six kinds of LED technology and application

1, Fraunhofer Institute to show the latest development of flexible OLED

The Fraunhofer Institute has successfully applied flexible ultra-thin glass to make OLEDs and encapsulated with an extra thin glass layer. Before the package, the Fraunhofer Institute applied the entire surface of the high-performance adhesive package glass. The package needs to protect the organic layer of the OLED, which is very sensitive to moisture and oxygen. Flexible ultra-thin glass can be used as a sealing screen. Ultra-thin glass is free of defects and provides free pinholes for large OLED light-emitting surfaces. The newly developed flexible OLED will be at the end of May in Dresden, Germany AIMCAL2016 on display.

2, PolyOne launched deep drawing hot forming LED light

PolyOne has introduced the new UltraTufLED lamp, which is made of BPA-free Eastman Spectar fault-tolerant copolyester, and now has ULGREENGUARD indoor air quality certification. The lamp has a high-quality light diffusion film, both to achieve excellent light transmission and diffusion performance, but also to maintain toughness and chemical resistance, as well as improve the flexibility of the design and the inherent durability of the basic material, the above advantages, The lighting system designer provides a complete solution.

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3, can wear LED vein imaging device to help lock blood vessels

To the hospital blood, some people may encounter venous blood is not easy to find the situation, even after the ligation is still not obvious. In the past, medical staff can only hand beat as much as possible to show the blood vessels out. In order to solve this problem, the recent one called the Blue Ocean Crew team brought their innovative projects: portable wearable LED vein imager. The head of the team said that the target is the urgent need to address the clinical needs of clinical blood vessels and positioning (ie, vein puncture), according to the interaction of light and biological tissue, proposed based on the three primary colors of the human body superficial Venous blood vessel imaging method, developed this vein angiography.

According to reports, the camera has a user-friendly "U" -type shell design, the power supply circuit and micro-controller package in its interior, and the three-color LED lamp beads embedded in the "U" slot inside. In addition, the surface of the camera is also embedded in the power switch, brightness adjustment button and lamp color selection button. Blood or injection when wearing it, the development level is clear, can immediately locate the vein.

4, you can subvert the traditional lighting industry, 3D printing technology

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LUXeXcel from the Netherlands is the world's first use of 3D printing technology to produce optical lens company. The company claims that its patented Printoptical technology can produce SLA and any other 3D printing technology are not produced by the lens, prism and other shapes and colors of different products. Through computer-aided design (CAD), people on the computer design, just press the print button you can use 3D printing technology directly to the product produced on the kind. To this end, the Dutch inventor that the lighting industry is undergoing tremendous changes.

5, Panasonic artificial light plant system and cultivation techniques

Matsushita recently delivered the "Artificial Light Plant Plant System" to SG Greenhouse, a subsidiary of Japan's western gas company. The latter from January this year began to implement the cultivation of empirical experiments, scheduled for May 20 sales will be reduced to 20% of the original 20% (98mg / 100g below) "low potassium lettuce." It is understood that the delivery of artificial light plant system and cultivation technology combines a number of Panasonic technology, including the use of energy conservation, analysis and optical technology, plant cultivation control technology, lighting, air conditioning and other environmental control technology, the use of nanoe nano water Ion antimicrobial technology, communication and network technology.

6, intelligent LED lighting equipment used in Bluetooth control open standards

The International Bluetooth Alliance has previously announced that it is developing a new type of LED lighting device based on low power (BLE) Bluetooth for open control standards. It is reported that this is a use of Bluetooth communication technology introduced new LED surround lighting equipment, this technical standard will help LED lighting equipment manufacturers to develop a variety of lighting and control equipment, so as to bring a wide range of consumers Interconnected low power Bluetooth wireless control office and home lighting products. The Bluetooth standard protocol provided by the Bluetooth technology consortium is currently undergoing a comprehensive test and will soon become a standardized wireless networking solution for interoperable lighting applications.

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