Robots used in the PCB industry

- Jul 28, 2016-

As the electronic information industry dependent industries PCB board industry in recent years has maintained a rapid growth, some experts predict that China's PCB board industry in domestic growth and global production continued to shift situation, will enter a high-speed growth.

1.SCARA robot used in circuit boards coil detection step

Currently on the market is almost no multilayer coil short package testing equipment, most still rely on the work done manually, large aperture of the PCB board is manually placed on top of testing equipment and then turn the device detects small aperture PCB board require manual holding device (probe) to each coil is detected. SCARA robots can be accomplished with the use of detection equipment for loading and unloading position and placed all at once to complete the aperture board detection coil; For small aperture board, use SCARA perform remote device fixed probe, use is to determine, for each probe detecting coil, we can effectively avoid the equipment because of the small aperture or bore coil is much and when the manual operation occurs undetected. Compared to manual inspection probe significantly improve efficiency and avoid quality problems caused by undetected.

2.DELTA small robot used in step boxing board finished

Currently FPC loading work typically use a manual pick it up and put a plastic disc which, due to the FPC soft and thin when picking up very convenient, even experienced workers to complete the work efficiency is very low, Delta800 plus on a vision system inside the reactor can be singled out from the clutter FPC qualified and placed in accordance with the requirements of the plastic disc inside, not worse than labor. Speeds of up to 60 / min, can completely replace the manual sorting to the loading, saving valuable labor resources, reduce business costs.

3.6 axis industrial robots used in AOI detection step

Traditional AOI scanning machines are relying on imitation version manually, and to board a replica of a worker to look after the two scanning machine, repeat this monotonous work every day, and just make a good board will emit a pungent odor bring some harm to the human body, the infrared light emitted AOI scanning machine is an invisible killer, which are on the health of workers caused the harm, the use of multi-joint robot instead of doing AOI put in charge of two panels, and close the flap plate, each class can be completed over seven hundred pieces PCB board retractable hard, you can achieve an overall efficiency / min (including AOI machine scan time). Future, if further loading and unloading and transport machine with retractable plate line, connect the AGV to make fixed-line transport, it can achieve a fully automated production process from top to bottom.

With its highly automated industrial robot advantages are increasingly being applied on industrial production lines, with the continuous innovation of industrial robot technology, robotics in high-speed production process, the same can ensure high accuracy, the robot will be able in the future PCB industry to make a difference.

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