Quick detection of PCB board failure problem method

- Jun 13, 2017-

PCB board is not a simple process to do the board, drill holes on the components like. PCB production is not difficult, it is difficult to produce after the completion of the troubleshooting. Whether it is personal enthusiasts or industry engineers, PCB circuit board in the debugging when the problem is quite a headache, like the programmer encountered BUG the same.

    Some people have a strong interest in debugging PCB circuit board, as programmers in the solution of BUG, common PCB circuit board problems and many common problems in addition to circuit board design, electronic components damage, short circuit, components The quality of PCB circuit board disconnection failure a few.

Common PCB circuit board failure is mainly concentrated in the components above, like capacitors, resistors, inductors, diodes, transistors, FET, etc., integrated chip with crystal clear damage, and determine the components of the more intuitive method of failure Eyes to observe. There are obvious damage to the surface of electronic components have a more obvious signs of burning. Like this type of failure, directly to the replacement of the new components can be resolved.

Of course, not all of the damage to electronic components can be observed with the naked eye, such as the above-mentioned resistance, capacitance, transistor, etc., in some cases damage can not be seen from the surface, need to use professional inspection tools for maintenance , Commonly used with the inspection: multimeter, capacitance table, etc., in the detection of an electronic component voltage or current is not within the normal range, indicating that the component or a component of the previous problems, direct replacement and then check to see if it is normal. Components, such as broken, whether it is observed with the eyes or instrument testing, can be detected, but sometimes when we are on the PCB board components, will encounter problems, but the circuit board and can not work Case. Many novice encountered such a problem Mozhe, and can only do a board again, or buy a piece. In fact, encountered this situation, a lot of time in the installation process components, due to the coordination of various components of the work, there may be performance instability.

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