Protel print settings

- Jul 06, 2017-

Protel print settings

    SCH print settings are simpler, in Margins Top Bottom Left Right filled with 0 and then click Refresh, so that the largest range of occupied pages, so that the printed SCH diagram larger.

    PCB settings: open File> Setup Printer ... to print the settings before.

    In the pop-up Printer Setup menu, first select your printer: the first few are the default printer, the latter two are installed by the printer, (my machine is like this) two in a suffix for the Final, One is the Composite, the former means that the printer only print a layer at a time (whether you choose a few layers, but only a few times to print it), the latter is a print all your selected level, according to their own choice! Next step: Click the Options button below to make the property settings. Suppose we select final and then enter the Options to set, after entering the option is generally not moving, Scale for the printing ratio, the default is 1: 1, if you want to print full page, put the small box hook, oh! The right of the Show Hole is very important, select him to print out the hole on the circuit board (do photolithography will choose this, help), well, click Setup to set the paper size to complete the printer Options. Not yet finished! Trouble to put! Go back to the dialog box to select the printer properties, select Layers, set the print layer, go in and see it! Is not it familiar! According to their own needs to choose it

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