Protect the crystal need to pay attention to matters

- May 17, 2017-

Protect the crystal need to pay attention to matters

Crystal is a fragile components, then, in the crystal preservation, solder process, how do we protect it, plus Electronics introduced as follows:

  1, crystal preservation methods, we must first consider the surrounding humidity, do anti-extrusion measures, place in a dry and ventilated place, so that the crystal to avoid moisture caused by other electrical parameters change.

  2, followed by fragile crystal devices to do shock measures, should not be placed on a high shelf, in the use of the process, nor should the crystal down, in general, from the high-altitude crystal should not be used again.

  3, for the need to cut the foot of the crystal, should pay attention to the impact of mechanical stress.

  4, in the crystal during the solder process, the solder temperature should not be too high, the solder time should not be too long to prevent the crystal so the internal changes, and produce instability.

  5, after the solder, to be cleaned, so as not to insulation resistance does not meet the requirements.

  6, the crystal shell needs to be grounded, it should ensure that the shell and the pin is not accidentally connected and lead to short circuit, which led to the crystal can not afford to vibrate,

  7, to ensure that the two pins of the solder point is not connected, otherwise it will lead to crystal vibration,

  In the course of the use of protection, the new crystal film should be used before soaking for about 1 minute, and then use plastic tweezers and folder with a clean paper or clean silk cloth will be purely wiped clean, while dipped in alcohol Dust or paper cloth to wipe the crystal holder, the assembly of the crystal plate before the use of blowing the ball to the crystal oscillator, quartz crystal probe and probe contact spring on the possible dust can be blown off, any crystal and fixture between the particles or gray layer will Affect the electronic contact, and will produce stress points, thus changing the mode of crystal vibration, crystal oscillator installed again after the surface of the crystal oscillator, remove the scattered dust.

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