Printed Circuit board FAQ

- Mar 23, 2017-

Printed Circuit board FAQ

1, What is a single, double-sided, or single and multi-layer circuit board?

A: The so-called single-layer, double or multi-layer board is a few wiring layer. Single-layer office refers to only one side of the signal line of the circuit board, double and multi-layer the same token. Common common green circuit board for the two-tier board, that is, the upper and lower layers are wiring. Some simple circuits, such as old-fashioned semiconductors, are simple and simple electronic toys with single-layer boards, which are mostly brown. Computer motherboards such complex circuit board is more than 4 boards.

2, what is the circuit board? And what is the difference between the circuit board?

A: There is a circuit board that is the kind of electronic components, while the circuit board is the kind of PCB. No electronic components. We are most exposed to the circuit board, the motherboard is the circuit board

3, how to detect the circuit board?

A: If you look at the circuit board is not Unicom, then use a fixture test machine or flying probe test machine can be detected.

But if you want to see the function of the circuit board and so on need to do some reliability tests, such as CAF, dip tin, slices, etc. test.

4, multi-layer circuit board wiring tips?

A: should be in the same product with the requirements of the camera board as the bottom of the bottom of the signal line to take the power line.

5, why should the circuit board to test? Circuit board test background

A: There are a variety of functional tests: different machines, products, features do not like, so the test method is also different. Such as mobile phones: from the beginning of the Flying Probe test, FT, CT, man-machine interface, antenna coupling, finished product testing, etc. You said the voltage and current are usually for ICT testing. ICT test is the most commonly used HP and Agilent test Equipment, through the TCK, TMS, VCC, GND and other debugging port on the machine self-test. Test the machine's current, chip, capacitor size, resistance size, the entire working system. The purpose of the test is to make more qualified products, The ICT test is usually performed at the top of the functional test, and the ICT test is performed only after the ICT has been tested.

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